Saturday, 16 April 2016

Vishakhapatnam - The bay city of Andhra Pradesh

I had only a day to spare at visakhapatnam (also called Vizag) so decided to find best ways to utilize my time in this beautiful coastal city of South India. I reached Vizag on a Sunday morning which to me was a surprisingly lazy day with not many people on the road, despite a pleasant morning in this beach city. I had to take care of something personal after which I got a ride to RK beach by a gentleman. RK beach is named after Ramakrishna ( who was the Guru of Swami Vivekananda. 

I was excited to be near the water but was not planning to get wet as I wanted to soak into the natures warmth. I was happy to take pictures using my mobile and relaxed watching the small and big waves crash into the coast and stones on the shore. 

Dolphin Nose is one beautiful craft of the nature you will never miss in this beach and you will appreciate nature at its best form. 

In the background you will see the Vizag port, big ships and small fishing boats venturing the ocean which is a great site indeed. I wanted to stay for
Submarine museumSubmarine museumSubmarine museum
some more time but my thought of having some seafood made me step out of the beach area. On the way, I stopped by the mini aquarium which has good collection of marine life that should excite everyone. 

My search for food finally ended after some fair distance of walking. Unlike many other beaches, Vizag beach road has less restaurants so options are limited if you want to have your food and also have the sea view. On the way, I could still see impacts of natures fury and the effect of Hudhud cyclone to this beautiful city. Good thing is, people have moved on and life is getting normal here. 

For lunch, I had gobi masala which is of different kind as it was a green peas and prawn dish. It has a unique taste and goes well with steamed rice. It was a slow lunch for me as I was also enjoying the sea view. I relaxed for a short time and then headed towards the Submarine museum. You should definitely visit that as it has historical significance. I spent some relaxation time again in the museum area watching the nature. 

After that, I headed 

towards Vuda park from where you get a great view of the Ocean and a good part of extended Vizag. During afternoon and evening, its awesome to the core. I sat there watching the sea from a hill top, reading a journal and added some more boost to my nature dosage. I was conscious of my return to railway station so got into an auto and headed towards it. 

Its definitely a day I cherished as a lonely traveler. I also felt, I should make more such visits in the future and share my experience. I hope this will help people to make short trips to a place like Vizag where one could do many things even in a day and I guarantee that you will make effort to visit more often. 

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